Club Explains Latest Legal Action

Yesterday CCFC released a statement about the latest legal move from the clubs owners SISU. Full statement from the club is here:

This statement has caused a more consternation among fans about what this means, is it just yet more costly court action, will it ruin relationships with our new landlords, is it just sour grapes because they didn't get to buy the Ricoh, will it affect transfer dealings etc etc.

The Trust was in communication with Tim Fisher this morning to get clarity about this matter and he has reassured us that this is not a totally new action but more of a legal necessity concerning the existing JR appeal. The JR focused on the legality of the loan from the council to ACL in 2013 but this loan appears to have been cancelled and a new one established in 2014 as part of the deal that has resulted in Wasps buying ACL. This legal move is intended to ensure that just because the old loan no longer exists that the new one is regarded as a replacement and is thererfore now the focus of the action. He implied it was simply a necessary legal move to ensure the continuation of the JR appeal. 

Tim Fisher also told us that Wasps had been informed of the move prior to it becoming public and that they understood it and the reasons behind it. He was at pains to reassure us that they had developed a very good working relationship with Wasps, were very happy with the new pitch, that Steven Pressley was absolutely delighted with the new dressing room and that they were looking at working closely with a fellow sporting organisation that understood the challenges of this type of business.

Overall the message was that this was not any sort of totally new action against the council or Wasps but more of a technical legal move to cover the fact of the rearranged loan and ensure that the JR appeal was still legally valid.

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