All Sky Blue Trust members are invited to an urgent open meeting on Monday 26 September, at 7:00pm to consider action aimed at persuading Sisu to sell the club.

Following the departure of Chris Anderson, the lack of any progress in a long-term deal to stay at the Ricoh, with no prospect of another ground, and the disastrous situation around the academy, the Coventry Telegraph has called for Coventry City FC owners, Sisu, to sell up and go.

This is something the Trust has been calling for since last year. So how can we now further that campaign?

  • What actions can we, as fans, now take to aid the Telegraph campaign?
  • What measures should the Trust now be taking to persuade the owners to go?
  • How can we increase the voice of fans in the running of the club?

Come and have your say.

The meeting will take place at the Royal Warwicks Club, Tower Street. Places are limited, so we are asking all who wish to attend to register, which can be done by clicking the button below


Eventbrite - Sky Blue Trust Action Planning Meeting


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