This morning, Coventry City published a statement from the Supporters Forum regarding the Ricoh Arena situation Most groups and individuals represented at the Forum have agreed with the totality of points proposed by the football club.


The article concludes with the comment: “Also in attendance and offered the opportunity to support were The Sky Blue Trust, though their board subsequently decided they did not wish to commit to the entire statement.” The Trust is in agreement with many of the points made in the Club Statement. However, certain phrasing within the text is simply not credible and cannot be supported by the democratically appointed Board of the largest group of Coventry City supporters. In particular, there is a complete contradiction in calling “on ALL parties to put aside their differences to sit down and negotiate a deal for Coventry City to play at the Ricoh Arena as soon as possible” then adding in the same sentence “despite the on-going court case”.


Moz Baker, Chair of the Trust, tried to make the point at the meeting that many city fans including Trust members would expect the owners of the club to be challenged and to be lobbied to drop their legal challenge, but was prevented from pursuing this. He did agree to take the statement for discussion by Trust board members.


Therefore, in support of Coventry City FC (but not the owners and directors of Otium Entertainment, Sky Blue Sports and Leisure, Sisu Capital and Arvo Master Fund) CCFC supporters and the whole Sky Blues Community, the Sky Blue Trust wishes to make the following statement:


  • The Sky Blue Trust agrees that Coventry City should play its home matches in Coventry.
  • They agree that Coventry City should play its home matches in the 2019/20 season and beyond at the Ricoh Arena.
  • They call on ALL parties to put aside their differences to sit down and negotiate a long-term deal for Coventry City to play at the Ricoh Arena as soon as possible. Putting aside differences must include an announcement by Otium Entertainment Limited, Sky Blues Sports & Leisure Limited, Arvo Master Fund and Sisu Capital Limited that they are prepared to suspend legal action in an effort to achieve the best possible deal for Coventry City Football Club.
  • The Sky Blue Trust notes that two previous attempts at mediation in the dispute concerning the Ricoh Arena have been unsuccessful. The first attempt was initiated by the Minister of Sport and a further round was ordered by justices of the Court of Appeal. The Trust calls on ALL parties to indicate publicly whether they would be prepared to enter into genuine and meaningful mediation, without pre-condition other than the suspension of court action, to settle their wider differences.
  • They agree that the consequences of ‘no deal’ for Coventry City Football Club to play at the Ricoh Arena would be catastrophic for Coventry City Football Club, its supporters present and future, the community, the City of Coventry, wider footballing community and everyone who cares about the Club.  
  • They call on ALL supporters and community stakeholders to back attempts for this deal to be concluded as soon as possible in an amicable fashion and without threats to the interests of other parties.
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The Sky Blue Trust is in full agreement with the sentiments raised below by our fellow devoted Coventry City fans in The Jimmy Hill Way group.
We include ourselves in the "Sky Blue community"referred to, a group of people who care passionately about OUR football club and who continue to be dismayed that this saga continues and which now appears to have reached its most serious phase yet to the point that the very future of the club is now in jeapordy.
We have been saying for a very long time now that the Ricoh Arena is the only possible option, even when ridiculous talk of mythical new stadiums was being touted by Otium Entertainment Group director and Coventry City Chairman Tim Fisher.
Now the club,our football club, finds itself in a parlous state with desperation setting in as the clock ticks towards potential oblivion.
Sky Blues fans are rightly concerned but clearly that concern isn't shared by our owners SISU who are prepared to play "Russian Roulette" with the club’s very existence to pursue their legal challenges, however hopeless and damaging they may seem.
Like the Jimmy Hill Way group, we will join with the Sky Blue Community but not SISU, Tim Fisher or anybody connected with their group of companies, in calling for the owners of Wasps to agree a deal for Coventry City to stay in their rightful home at the Ricoh and appeal to their better nature despite their assertions, reiterated only yesterday by Chief Executive Nick Eastwood that they were not prepared to talk whilst legal action is ongoing.
However we also want to make it perfectly clear that this whole situation could and should be simply resolved by SISU doing the right thing and calling a halt now to their legal action.
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The Sky Blue Trust and CCFC Former Players Association will be actively supporting "Jimmy Hill Day" which takes place on the day of the match against Luton Town on December 15th.
In the week of that event the Trust in association with the FPA and the Jimmy Hill Legacy Fund have organised another Sky Blues Football quiz which will take place at The Albany Club on Monday 10th December 2018 with a 7.30pm start.
Team's of up to 4 people are invited to register to take part in the quiz by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The entry fee per team is £10,  payable on the night , with all proceeds going to The Jimmy Hill Legacy Fund which aims to improve the lives of those who need it most.
It should be a cracking fun night with the questions being set by CCFC historian and author Jim Brown.
If you haven't got a team don't worry, just e mail Dave and we'll team you up with others in a similar position.
Looking forward to seeing you for what should be another cracking night.
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