There is a convention observed in some countries where a yellow ribbon is tied around an old oak tree when a loved one is away until such time as they return.

Some members may recall the Number 1 single by Dawn in the early 70's on this very theme.

Sky Blue Trust member and Twitter legend Trampbeater has made a suggestion that the Sky Blue Trust board is keen to support.

Therefore we encourage all members to tie not a yellow but a Sky Blue ribbon around lamposts, telegraph poles, garden gates that are your property etc and leave it there until such time as OUR loved one, Coventry City FC, does the right thing and returns to its rightful home at the Ricoh Arena.

Imagine the sight around the city with masses of sky blue ribbons on clear display for all to see. A powerful statement of how we all feel about OUR club leaving us.

The cost should be minimal. Indeed far less than the amount you'll hopefully have saved by not purchasing CCFC merchandise as part of the Not One Penny More campaign.

So let's get that sky blue ribbon on display because as the old saying goes. There's no place like home....and this is OUR home !

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