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Board Meeting

22nd February 2021 (Online Session)


Attending: Dave Eyles (Chair), Bruce Walker (Minutes), Grace McKenna, Jamie Gordon, Luke Harris, Ian Devoy, Rachael Brown, Lionel Bird, Nigel Lawrence

Apologies: Frank Smith, Geoffery Gulzar and Andy Fletcher

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

Bruce indicated which matters had been dealt with since the last meeting - mainly invoving transfers of information between Board Members - and which would be covered in the remainder of the meeting. The latter included Item 14 from January (AOB) on the Future Role of the Trust, to be discussed under Item 12 (Newsletter).


Those not directly covered, included Item 4 from January a donation to Football Beyond Border, which was now agreed at £50, and a new address for the Trust for business purposes (Item 12) which it had not yet proved possible to confirm.

Minutes Approved.

Update from the Chair

See below

Supporters' Forum

The Forum, arranged for 25th February had been postponed and was now being arranged for March. Dave ran through the questions which had been drawn up by the Trust and other Forum participants to be put to Dave Boddy. Overwhelmingly, they concerned the nature of and progress to wards the proposed new stadium as well as the state of play in the negotiations with Wasps.


Dave announced that he had decided not to stand for Vice Chair of the Forum. The Trust would remain committed to playing a positive and active part in the Forum but, as an independent supporters' organisation with its own specific aims, it would be better not to have the Trust Chair taking a lead role in organising and steering a group of more traditionally focused supporters clubs.

Finance, Membership and Accounts

Rachael reported that the Trust's Fighting Fund stood at £4,555.84 and Membership at 2,785.Dave agreed to arrange a Zoom meeting with Rachael and Bruce to finally resolve the irritating anomaly in last year's accounts.

Transport, Ground Accessibility & Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

In Frank's absence and in the absence of crowds at matches, there was nothing to be reported, but Dave reported that the Club (Dave Boddy) were pushing to have Frank, as a Trust member, replaced as a supporters' rep on the SAG. The Forum member who was being urged by the Club to stand was apparently very loth to do so. Dave would continue to press Frank's case for continuing in the role.

Football Supporters' Association

Grace summarised some of the key on-going and new initiatives that the FSA are undertaking. These included a new campaign on football supporters' and mental health. She agreed to provide an outline of these activities for the website and the Newsletter.


Grace had also liaised with the FSA re: contacting those Trusts where the club had built a new ground recently with a view to learning from their experience and activities. This would help to inform the Trust's strategy and approach in the context of any new ground for CCFC.


  • It was agreed that, in the context of the FSA's diversity campaign and the funding that is available under this, that Grace and Bruce (in the first instance) would liaise to come up with a proposal(s) for an event or activity which linked City supporters, their diversity and the City of Culture.


As part of this discussion Luke urged the Board to actively consider further links with local charities. Ian noted that the Sky Blues' Jodi Jones had been very active in promoting a cancer charity locally.

Social Media

In Andy's absence, the Board expressed its gratitude - indeed, great joy! - that it had proved possible at last for the Trust's Twitter account to be stopped from sending out 'Going to the match?' messages.

Update and Progress on Website Revisions

Jamie was congratulated once more on his work on the website and the significant impact in visual and (proposed) content which it represents, even though the revisions are not yet completed. He appealed for assistance with updating the existing website information in respect of:


  • The Timeline of the Club and its Ownership History and activity. Lionel agreed that he would, via Dave, help in this important exercise. Dave also asked for other Board Members to provide what assistance that they could.


There was discussion of the images to be used on the website and Luke pointed out that while the Newsletter and website were inextricably linked it should be the website that was used in future for public announcements.


Luke and Jamie stressed, in the context of the discussion concerning what the new and improved website could offer the Trust and its members, that we have to get the website and the Newsletter right and fully functioning before we could expand web based activities, such as merchandising.


Jamie asked for comments on the website by DM.


The discussion on the Newsletter was led by Luke and Dave. It was focused and positive with an agreement that the substantive work on the Newsletter would be undertaken off-line.


The structure of the Newsletter was agreed. It would, broadly, consist of:


  1. An Introduction/Overview from the Chair

  2. An On the Pitch section

  3. An Off the Pitch section (non-playing matters concerning the Club)

  4. The Trust and the Wider Community (including FSA matters)


  • It was agreed that Dave would provide an input for 1. and an outline for 3. Bruce agreed to draft something for 2. while Grace would provide a draft of 4. Luke and Jamie (with a steer from Dave) would provide the 'editorial' input in the sense of putting the Newsletter and its associated website content together.


Luke stressed that the Newsletter would 'image heavy'. It had to interest the member opening it and entice them to visit the website.

Any Other Business


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 22nd March at 7.00 p.m. by Zoom