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Board Meeting

21st June 2021 (Online Session)


Attending: Dave Eyles (Chair), Bruce Walker (Minutes), Luke Harris, Ian Devoy, Lionel Bird, Rachael Brown, Andy Fletcher, Nigel Lawrence

Apologies: Frank Smith, Geoffery Gulzar, Grace McKenna

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

One Matter Arising - the payment of invoices for Mail Chimp. This had been dealt with.There were no other matters arising from the May Minutes which were not dealt with during the course of the meeting.

Minutes Approved.

Update from the Chair

See Below

Supporters' Forum

Dave introduced all three of these interrelated matters.


The next Supporters' Forum was set for 28th June [This was subsequently postponed]. It was agreed that members be contacted and asked for topics and questions which the Forum would put to Dave Boddy.


  • Luke agreed to arrange the mail out

Finance, Membership and Accounts

Rachael reported that this year's accounts were proving relatively unproblematic to pull together and had been submitted for external review.


Membership stood at 2,733 and some people were signing up for the Newsletter. The Fighting Fund stood at [tbc].


Dave was chasing up the Trust's Just Giving contribution.


Rachael anticipated that a 'fully reviewed' set of the 2019/2020 Acounts and a draft set of 2020/2021 Accounts would be ready for presentation to the AGM.

Football Supporters' Association

In her absence, Grace had sent an email outlining her work as FSA rep.


In respect of the FSA Fan-Led Review, Grace reported that some weeks previously at the first session for the Championship network she had responded to a number of questions. She had been asked to talk about debt, surprisingly, as the argument would be that CCFC's debt is a result of other failures in governance, rather than the cause of our issues. However,  it went well and she was able to bring up the financial damage of ground-sharing and that SISU's investment has been in the form of loans, only increasing the debt and interest burden on the club.


The written evidence for the Review is coming together with help from Lionel on some of the history. She was hoping to circulate a draft soon.


Board unanimously agreed to minute their thanks to Grace for her excellent work in relation to the Review.

Social Media

Andy reported that Facebook 'likes' were up significantly and urged Board and members to open up and use Facebook more frequently.

Update and Progress on Website Revisions

Re: the website, Luke and Dave had been unable to contact Jamie but it was noted that he had erased the part-completed new website which was a great relief. Dave was enquiring about buying in help to build a new website. Luke offered to contribute some ideas and argued that it was important for any website to be simple to access and to update. 'Keeping it basic' should be the guide.


  • Dave agreed to follow up his website contact


Dave would also be 'requesting' that Jamie be formally stepped down from the Board at the AGM.


Luke pointed out that there were far too many 'log in' points to the Trust and that it was difficult to keep track of where things were.


  • Dave and Luke agreed to liaise with a view to significantly reducing the number of these 'access points'


Luke reported that the members' survey re: the FSA Review had received 150-200 clicks which was very encouraging. Future surveys might include members' views on 'Safe Standing' and on the outcome of the Fan-Led Review. 

City of Culture

Bruce summarised progress to date.


The response to the request for support from members of the Supporters Forum had been very poor despite a follow up request to supporters' reps. It might be that the Trust and its members would be the primary  - or even sole - group behind the initiative.


Grace had drawn up some proposals indicating possible ways forward. These would be to be discussed with a working  party, when formed.


Dave agreed to raise the initiative once more with the Forum on the 28th June [since postponed].


  • Board asked Bruce and Grace to continue their work in this area

AGM 2021

The AGM on the 19th July was to be wholly virtual and held via Zoom. Dave suggested that we could handle up to 50 members on a Zoom call without having to resort to booking via, e.g., Eventbrite.


Luke agreed to test the waters as to the members' interest in 'attending' via the next AGM notice.


Andy suggested that interaction with members at the meeting could be facilitated by opening a chat channel via Zoom. This would enable members to post questions during the meeting/discussion.

Any Other Business

Nigel pointed out that the University of Warwick were discussing road and other  improvements for the stadium site. As developments at the new stadium are no longer a standing item on the Supporters' Forum:


  • Dave agreed to raise the question of developments at the UoW site at the next Forum meeting [now postponed]

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 19th July at 5.30 p.m. by Zoom