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Board Meeting

23rd August 2021 (Online Session)


Attending: Dave Eyles (Chair), Bruce Walker (Minutes), Lionel Bird, Rachael Brown, Andy Fletcher

Apologies: Grace McKenna, Luke Harris, Nigel Lawrence, Geoffery Gulzar

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

As the previous Board Meeting in July was a pre-AGM meeting primarily concerned with arrangements for the AGM, most items had been held over to this meeting. Hence there were no Matters Arising. The AGM Minutes from July are reported separately.

Update from the Chair

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Supporters' Forum

Dave reported that he had updated the website as far as possible and that this was a very lengthy process, strengthening the argument for an overhaul of the site. He noted that people were subscribing to the (free) Newsletter via the site but not joining the Trust. It was suggested that those so subscribing could be sent a welcoming email inviting them to join.


The point was made as to the benefits that such new members would get for joining. It was suggested that they would have the opportunity to get their views heard and put forward, not just through the Supporters' Forum but also through the the Trust's formal and informal links with the FSA.


After a number of postponements, Dave was pushing for a date for the next Forum. Among the questions which might be put to the Club at the next meeting, including those issues raised previuosly by members, were:


  • Delays in the issuing of Phase I and II season tickets and the inadequacy of the paper replacements


  • The congestion at turnstiles primarily caused by the latter


  • Matchday packages not yet released


  • The silence on the whereabouts of the Phase I Ricoh Return shirts


  • The impermanence of the Club Shop signage


  • The nature of the road and other developments currently taking place in and around the University of Warwick site, given that the new stadium is no longer a standing item on the Agenda of the Forum

Finance, Membership and Accounts

Rachael reported that as of August 23rd, Trust membership stood at 2,733 and the the Fighting Fund stood at £3702.53

Football Supporters' Association

In Grace's absence, this was item held over to the next meeting.

Social Media

Andy reported we were not only picking up material for Twitter and Facebook from, e.g., the Supporters' Forum but specific issues such as the racial abuse experienced by a City player at Blackpool. News items such as Dion Dublin's forthcoming 'Evening with...' appearance at Christ the King were also being flagged.

Update and Progress on Website Revisions

In his anticipated absence, Luke had informed Board about his planned work on upgrading the website and Dave outlined the 'running repairs' he himself had undertaken.


Andy had contacted a friend (Sam) who had experience in PR, Comms and IT/website matters, and who had expressed interest in helping the Trust with the technical side of this work.


This was warmly received by Board and:


  • Dave agreed to set up a Zoom meeting with Sam, Luke and Andy to explore what form of assistance might be forthcoming


Luke had reminded Members that a Newsletter was due and that he would be asking us for ideas. Among other suggestions that were discussed, Lionel offered to write a  piece on the history of the Club, or a perhaps a series of pieces on aspects of that history. 

City of Culture

Bruce summarised the position. Little progress had been made since the last meeting. Decisions had to be made as to how to 'access' fans for the purposes of a photo-based event and/or whether and how to encourage fans to submit appropriate photos. He raised the matter as to whether practical considerations meant that submissions should be in effect limited to Trust members.


The discussions centred around the actual or possible contacts with individual CCLSC members (though the CCLSC had not as an organisation endorsed the intiative), about the possibilities of contacting members of the Coventry City Supporters' Club, possibly through the new Sky Blues Tavern in Hertford Place which might in any case be a good place to recruit participants.


It was agreed that:


  • Bruce would liaise with Grace about convening a Zoom meeting with those members and associates who had expressed an interest in helping to further the initiative


  • Other possible contacts would be investigated by Board Members, particularly the possible role of the Sky Blue Tavern

Any Other Business

Lionel raised the matter of the Former Players' Association (FPA), the Trust's links with them and their significance in future dealings with the Club.


  • Lionel agreed to take a look at the current FPA set-up and its role

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 20th September by Zoom. 7pm.