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Board Meeting

24th November 2021 (Online Session)


Attending: Dave Eyles (Chair), Bruce Walker (Minutes), Lionel Bird, Rachael Brown, Luke Harris

Apologies: Nigel Lawrence, Andy Fletcher, Grace McKenna

Matters Arising from Previous Meeting

Minutes approved

Update from the Chair

Dave summarised matters which had arisen since the last Board and to the discussion of which he would be contribuing during the remainder of the Meeting. He also raised the matter of potentially closer links between the Trust and the Club's Family Zone activities.


No Supporters' Forum has taken place since the last meeting.

Supporters' Forum

No supporters forum has taken place. 

Finance, Membership and Accounts

The Fighting Fund stands at £3617.40 and there have been 62 'new' members bringing the total to 2795.


It was suggested that a special ‘membership’ should be created for our contacts in the various media outlets so that they are automatically included in mail outs and other communications to members.


A decision would also have to be taken about the status of existing life members at membership renewal – should they simply be ‘transferred over’ to life membership under the new arrangements.


Action Point 1. A list of the 62 newly joined members is needed, indicating who are ‘new’ and who are renewing existing members. This is to facilitate separate messages/nuances to the two groups as and when necessary in the run up to any March launch (Luke and Dave).

Football Supporters' Association


Social Media


Website, Membership Acquisition & Newsletters

Luke led the discussion. He suggested that March would be a key month for prompting renewals and it was also the time by which the tangible and other benefits of new/ renewed membership had to be in place. To that end:


Action Point 2. A report back by end of Jan, ideally, on the costs of memberships cards, types of card - e.g., embossed - and card holders would be needed  This information – and suggestions for other demonstrable benefits - will be required for the renewed ‘launch’ of new membership drive, Jan into March. (Grace re: membership cards for Luke/Board).

Luke and Dave stressed that it was crucial that we ‘upped’ our communications with members in the run up aand subsequent to the renewal launch. More direct interaction – e.g. very short, simple (‘yes/no’) surveys – with members should be the Trust’s goal. An Open Meeting (via Zoom or face-to-face) for members should be a priority (see also Item 11 below).


To acheive these ends, on a technical matter:


Action Point 3. Some details from the Trust’s formal organisational documents and registration numbers, as lodged with Companies House, are required to maintain the website’s membership payments facility (Dave to liaise with Luke and Rachael).


Luke asked for ideas for a Christmas Newsletter, to include more encouragement for membership renewal and a message from the Chair.

City of Culture

In Grace’s absence:


Action Point 4. Ask Grace if there is any any further feedback from Hanna Kumari on a gig for Trust members/fans. Enquiries to be made re: the potential arrangements for such an event at the Sky Blue Tavern (Bruce and Dave)

Recruitment & Succession Planning

In thinking of the future Chair, Dave stressed that he was happy to work with any prospective candidates for the Chair. It was also agreed that:


Action Point 5. It was very important to have an Open Meeting for members pre-launch (February/March?) with a customer facing approach - i.e., appropriate presentation(s), Q&A etc. This requires careful planning (Dave, Luke, Bruce and Board, off-line)  

Any Other Business

Two matters were raised:


(i) The ownership of, and the responsibilities for maintaining, the Memorial Garden and the fans’ bricks in the ‘Heroes Wall’ at the CBS should be raised at the next Supporters Forum as there was some concern that they were falling into neglect.


(ii) In the matter of the accessibility of the CBS, particularly in respect of public bus services which was raised recently at the Forum, the police ought to be formally involved because of the implications for crowd control. This should be raised again at the Forum. 

Date of Next Meeting

Traditionally, the December Meeting precedes a Board Festive Meal (self-financed) but there were doubts about the feasibility and desirability of  this given Board Members’ likely availability and Covid concerns and regulations. Monday 13th December would be the Trust’s usual meeting date but this would need to be confirmed off-line.