FSA Championship Network Updates - October 2021

On Monday 25th October, the Football Supporters Association Championship Network met via Zoom. Representing the Sky Blue Trust, Grace McKenna attended and reports back below.

Fan-led review of football governance

The FSA are patiently awaiting the publication of the fan led review of football governance. The report is most likely going to now be available end-November. The FSA still believes many of the changes we have advocated for will be

recommended but the process may take many months.

Once the report is published the required legislation will go through parliament through the House of Lords.

We will of course update Sky Blue Trust members once the report comes out!

Away Ticketing

This continues to be a 'hot topic'. EFL guidance is that away tickets should be available 4 weeks before the fixture to allow for supporter travel plans.

The FSA have had a number of complaints from Trusts and Supporters Groups that this is not happening (including at Coventry!). The Trust has raised this with the club who suggest the timings are improving across the season. The EFL have committed to providing a response more widely.

Election Results

The Championship Network elects three representatives to the FSA National Council. Sky Blue Trust member, Roger Ellis, stood for election this year and was elected on a three year term with 8 votes cast (including our vote).

If you are a Sky Blue Trust member and would like to be involved with our work with the FSA, or are interested in standing for election in the future, please do get in touch.

Do you have an issue you feel should be raised at a national level? Get in touch! Contact us at


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